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Riviera FM Talent Contest 2011

Riviera FM Talent Contest 2011

When the boss said "I want you to be Dermot" I should have known there would be trouble ahead.

The occasion was the great Riviera FM talent contest at Club Rainbow during the RSL last summer, and Martin Foster was on the lookout for a host.

I found my suit and a clean shirt, polished the toes of my best shoes and turned up.

I don't think the host of the X Factor has anything much to worry about, but the audience was kind and the technical boys were tolerant. I didn't even mess up the names of any of the acts.

The standard of the performers was very varied and the choice of songs ambitious, but the judges chose the right winners and everyone seemed happy enough.

There was even time to give everyone else a second go on the microphone, even Bobby!

Having done it once, I'm available for all sorts of hosting duties although, strangely enough, my phone has been pretty quiet since.

It was a good night, though, and showed Riviera FM's commitment to the community at its best.

Guy Henderson, Riviera FM Presenter and Host.

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