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Adrian Cunningham

Rock in the Country

Name: Adrian Cunningham, MBE.


Presents: Rock in the Country - Tuesday 5pm to 7pm

Co presents: Magazine Programme - Sunday 11am to 1pm, Wednesday request programme - Wednesday 3pm to 5pm, The Hit and Miss Show -Friday 5pm to 7 pm

About Me: I was born in Gravesend, Kent, where I lived most of my adult life. I joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 16 and spent many happy years at sea.  I then met my wife Elaine; she was travelling on a train to London on her way to work and we just started to talk. We were married 2 years later and have now been married for 53 years. I have 4 sons and we have 6 grandchildren. I come from a very large family. A great deal of my life was spent in local politics and I was awarded the MBE in December 1994 for my work in health and safety, I became Mayor of the borough of Gravesham in Kent in 1996 and we moved to Devon in 2011.  I have been involved in broadcasting for Radio North Kent and BBC Radio Medway whilst living in Kent.

Hobbies: Torbay Coast Watch, Theatre - all types and of course Riviera FM.

Favourite Music/Artists:  I like a wide spectrum of music, including classics, opera, fifties and sixties and my all time favourite is country music.  I have worked with many international artists: Willie Nelson, George Hamilton IV, Charlie Pride and, in the pop world, Cilla Black. I have done comparing and interviews with Rod McEwan. I have been manager of a number of UK based country artists.  I just love it.

Real Hates: Being late for anything, bad food and service in restaurants and music played by the younger generation, but of course I will broadcast it if it is requested.

Real Loves: My wife Elaine and all of my family, driving in my car, especially in Europe and in the USA, especially Mississippi where I have many friends in the music business. I enjoy being alive!

Contacting me is easy.

Email: studio@riviera.fm

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