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David Lowe

Back Tracking

ORIGINALLY he was a musician; playing lead guitar in a couple of moderately successful London-based bands during the 1960s and into the 1970s. However, in 1978, David Lowe decided to leave ‘live’ music behind and, instead, defect to the disc jockey camp by setting-up his own mobile discotheque. That change of direction was so successful David was eventually encouraged to venture into radio.

Following a brief spell in hospital radio, he secured a weekly spot on Thamesmead Radio (the UK’s first community radio station). Then, in October 1981, he was offered a one-off, early evening, easy listening slot on BBC Radio Medway in Kent. That BBC debut was so well received, he went-on to produce and present a variety of evening and daytime shows for BBC Radio Medway over the next two years.

It was then David and his partner Jenny decided to move from London to Torbay and, within a few weeks of arriving, he’d become part of the DevonAir Radio freelance team. He stayed with DevonAir for some six years, until June 1990, when the station decided on a major schedule overhaul. Unfortunately, David didn’t figure in DevonAir’s plans for the future but, even before he’d broadcast his last show for the station, he had been invited to return to his BBC roots to take-over BBC Radio Devon’s Sunday evening show. David’s arrival at BBC Radio Devon in August 1990 marked the beginning of an unbroken 24 year stint with the Beeb, during which his programmes extended their reach across the whole of the BBC West and South West region and, eventually, the internet as well.

By the spring of 2014 a pre-existing Parkinson’s-like Dystonic Tremor condition had long since wiped-out David’s guitar playing days, and the symptoms were getting worse year-on-year. It was then he featured on-air a 1932 recording of “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” which, unbeknown to him, contained a barely audible use of the “N-word” in its lyric. During the media frenzy that followed his sudden departure from the Beeb, his wife Jenny told him, “Your health must come first!” And so David decided to take a complete break from radio. Nearly three years later, in early 2017, he invested in his first in-house studio set-up which, despite his Dystonic Tremor disability, allows him to make radio programmes from scratch to broadcast ready in the comfort of his own home.

With Riviera FM on his doorstep, David emailed MD Martin Foster and Martin responded with an invitation for him to fill the station’s Monday 5-7pm slot. David says, “It’s good to be producing and presenting radio shows again, and I thank Martin and my new colleagues at Riviera FM for their warm welcome.”

In addition to his long track record in radio, David has been a newspaper and magazine columnist, photo journalist and feature writer since 1986. Also, under his stage and pen name of Lewis Adler, he’s a published independent author.

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