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Jackson Cooper

Local music is his passion.

Name: Jackson Cooper ... but you can call me Jackson ... and in time JC... and possibly Jay man. But never Jacks!

Shows: Music Engine Show every Tuesday 8.30pm to 10.30pm (more global content), Riviera Showcase every Saturday 8pm to11pm (more local content)

I have a great time when I'm on-air, with two amazing shows but please don't just take my word for it - tune in and tell me what you think, it's a two way process!

About Me: In a nutshell, I was born into a house with no musical content (unless you count my father’s singing), but somehow got the bug.

Before I was a radio DJ I was a hip/not so hip musical artist and sonic lover. Making music is what I got into first and foremost. The media thing was never on my radar although I loved the journey /discovery of new music. I was helped along the way by DJ's such as John Peel willing you to navigate it - always just themselves - always putting the new music first.

In 2011 Riviera FM plucked me from the streets of Torbay to present two radio shows with no prior training or notion as to what I was doing. I decided to present what was then the area’s first local and global music shows. They said I was mad! Since that fateful day and two South West Music Award Nominations later (voted for by the listening public) I have happily pushed the boundaries of shunning the mainstream .Championing the unheard and under the radar from home, abroad and more importantly locally grown. All sent in by the public. Bringing all forms of outstanding music to your ears, both on record and ‘live in the flesh’ during studio sessions, no matter what genre. If it's good I'll play it.

The whole fun of doing a radio show is it being really spontaneous and it being really live so that you don't have to think about it too much. I'd like to think that what we're doing is just getting behind the music. Making the most of the time that we have on the radio and just trying to employ a community spirit and bring everybody in on it. I think it's much better when everybody's involved.

Favourite Music/Artists: It's true that I have a really broad taste in music. I couldn't work on a genre specific show - just a hip hop show or just an alternative rock show, that really wouldn't represent what I'm into and I really think that radio has to be an honest representation of whoever's driving it as much as whoever's listening to it.

Passion: When I am not presenting on Riviera FM you will find me looking for and discovering new music.

Real Love: My favourite place in Torbay is a creative place.

Contacting me is easy.

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Email: jacksoncooper@riviera.fm

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