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Martin Foster

Will it be a Hit or a Miss

Name: Martin Foster

Show: Hit & Miss Show - Friday 5pm to 7pm

 The Hit & Miss Show is a music panel show, it borrows the format from Juke Box Jury (1959 - 1967). It took a format where guests on a panel reviewed a record.

The Hit & Miss Show similarly asks a studio, and home jury to forecast if a song of yesteryear would still be declared a "hit" or a "miss" today – the decision is accompanied by either a bell for a 'hit' or a hooter for a 'miss’.

About Me: I am an accomplished broadcasting professional with 40 years broadcasting experience creating top results for major broadcast companies, such as LWT/ITV, ITN and BBC. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (Chartered), and Registered I.Eng with the UK Engineering Council (Ldn). MD Riviera FM.

Passion: Broadcasting

Hobbies: Ham Radio (G3VOF). Ofcom Radio Amateur transmitting licence since 1966

Favourite Food: Sunday Roast

Favourite Music/Artists: Soul Coaxing - The Orchestral Academy of Los Angeles, otherwise fairly eclectic taste in music.

Real Hates: The noise of a vacuum cleaner generally, especially when I am trying to concentrate
Real Loves: My lovely wife Vicky, Family, and two Persian Cats called Hollie & Mollie.

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