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Steve Finch

The Cockney Rebel

Name: Steve Finch (aka The Cockney Rebel)

About Me: I'm a happy-go-lucky chappie originally from London, love my music, always smiling and joking about, love my football and support QPR.

I am a Mobile DJ and play all sorts of music to cater for everyone.

I have 2 Westie dogs that I enjoy walking. I love animals and my favourite has to be Dolphins.

I love working for Riviera FM and entertaining listeners. I just love my music.

Passions: Music, football and golf.

Hobbies: Music, watching football and playing golf.

Favourite Food:  Italian, Chinese and Indian.

Favourite Music/Artists: I like all genres of music but if I had to have a favourite it would be Rock Music My favourite bands are Depeche mode, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, Showaddywaddy and Elvis.

Real Hates: I dislike arrogant people and people who are cruel to animals.

Real Loves: Music, football, golf, honest people, socialising, all animals.

Contacting me is easy.

Email: studio@riviera.fm

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