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Ted Evans

The CultofSuperTed Presents

Hello. I'm Ted and we are The CultofSuperTed Presents.

We simply love to help and promote great musicians,you post and we will promote!!! We run a small secret festival and we are very much a part of the incredible Glas Denbury Festival Team holding a stage for young and upcoming musicians with the Soundlaunch Youth Project. Everything we do, we do simply for love of great original music across all genres.

We have built a great following and a reputation within the industry for showcasing outstanding new music and we hope our show on the fabulous Riviera FM reflects that and gives local national and international musicians a platform to show just how incredible the underground/alternative music scene is.

Love Music, CultofSuperTed where the only factor that counts, is the music x

Contacting me is easy.

Email: studio@riviera.fm

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There are different ways of contacting us while we are on air.

Telephone: 01803 50 60 70

Email: Studio@riviera.fm

Text Message: 01803 50 60 70

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