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Ted Evans

New Music Showcase

Ted Evans is heavily involved within the local and national music industry.  Ted has run his own festival and now works with local festivals and has hosted  many stages including the BBC Introducing Stage at Glas-Denbury festival, Exeter Musicians against Homelessness, Langaland Festival, Grinnagog and Totnes Party In The Town, to name but a few.

Ted has built a strong reputation for supporting and mentoring new and original musicians and was on the Judging panel for the National UK Open Mic competition.  Ted has weekly live guest perform on the show and is firmly established as a stop on the tour route for musicians all over the UK with artist that are regularly on national BBC radio such as Talitha Rise, Ange Hardy, Tom Houston and has had guest fly in from as far away as Detroit USA to perform on the show.

With over 6000 tracks sent in to Ted over last year this is the show to hear brand new and original music, with Ted being given exclusive first plays from respected musicians and bands such as The Reverse, The Experimental and many more.  When Ted isn't at the studio you will likely find him at a local gig supporting new and established musicians.

Carol Horler.  "Ted Evans certainly knows a thing or two about music!
He doesn't just appreciate the genres which he likes, but he is able to recognise all good music!
A huge supporter of the local music scene, Ted will often be found in the audience watching established musicians perform as well as being part of a smaller crowd, listening intently to younger emerging artists.
Teds Passion for music becomes apparent from the moment that you meet him (I've known him for 3 years now and I've never known him to talk about anything else!)
He is a wonderful, authentic person who I have known to give up his time to offer support, advice and encouragement to musicians who are starting out in the industry.
If you enjoy music as much as Ted, I thoroughly recommend tuning into The Ted Evans New Music Showcase on Rivera FM and if you enjoy making music...send it in!"

Mama Pik Music "Ted is hugely passionate, fun, supportive, loyal & deeply creative!
He has no "off" button and will always put others before himself! Enhancing the culture of South Devon to embrace original music and creative arts in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment for the community around him!"

Emma Twamley Glas Denbury " I run Glas-Denbury music festival and work closely the Ted Evans New Music Showcase when looking at artists and bands to programme for the festival. Ted is a font of knowledge and one of the most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to emerging talent and supporting new upcoming artists. And a total good soul. He is our go to man! And a much valued member of the crew!

Jannette Warren "Hugely passionate and knowledgeable about local music and music in general. Shares that passion by being being so supportive of local musicians and emerging young artists by being so willing to offer opportunities and his time. Love listening to the show thoroughly entertaining. Thank you Ted for your support of Izzy Warren Music - hugely appreciated"

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