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Welcome to #TORBAYHOUR

A virtual place to promote yourself and your business across South Devon and beyond!

Join us every Monday night on Twitter & Riviera FM between 7pm -9pm for #TorbayHour


TorbayHour was set up by James Twigger in February 2014 when The Southwest was reeling from the devastating storms which cut off so many vital transport links. A massive online campaign was started in an attempt to show the rest of the uk that we were very much still #openforbusiness.

The campaign captured the imagination and enthusiasm of an already burgeoning online community in Torbay and has rapidly grown into a multi-faceted social media and networking organisation. Local businesswoman Sophie Bower has since joined James and as well as hosting the weekly virtual networking hour on twitter, the pair are active 7 days a week across mult social media platforms. The ethos behind TorbayHour will always remain rooted in promoting Torbay and the local businesses and organisations who exist here. We use our accounts without bias or agenda.

Every Monday evening between 8-9pm a collection of local businesses, individuals, charities and event organisers join up virtually on Twitter and network during #TorbayHour. Want to get involved? It's easy! Just tweet away, introduce yourself and put #TorbayHour at the end of it. That way, others will see your tweet and start a conversation. Don't just try and sell your wares ALL of the time though - remember: nobody likes seeing the same 'buy this' tweet over and over, mix it up!


The Torbay Hour Radio is presented by Steve Shepherd & Simon Day.

The show starts at 7pm and is split in to two hours.

The first hour is the #TorbayHour warm up featuring related chat and music requests.

The second hour 8pm - 9pm follows #TorbayHour while the conversation happens on twitter bringing you all the latest news, shoutouts and the all important 140 second pitch!

To send requests during the show you can send a tweet with the hashtag #TorbayHour or message @Inspiring_Joe. When Sophie or James are at the Station you can also send requests to @Torbay_Hour.

To get involved in the Torbay Hour Twitter chat just use the hashtag #TorbayHour in your tweet.

If you’re not sure how to Twitter chat Simon has written an article called “The power and fun of Twitter chats and how to find them” which explains everything!

Get in contact with the show!

There are different ways of contacting us while we are on air.

Telephone: 01803 50 60 70

Email: Studio@riviera.fm

Text Message: 01803 50 60 70

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